Arqueopinto is a Prehistoric Park, designed for everyone and within everyone’s reach. Its uniqueness lies in combining scientific rigor with the entertaining and participatory nature of the activities that take place in it.

It is not a closed museum with showcases, but an open-air tour, with scenes of the daily life of our ancestors, from the first human beings to the Visigothic period.

The visit includes life-size reproductions of hominids, huts, huts, palisades and even a Roman farmhouse found in one of the archaeological excavations carried out in Pinto. The activities are designed so that any type of public can enjoy them, regardless of age or level of education. In addition, the workshops encourage visitors to develop their skills and put them into practice in the archaeological excavation, by making a cave painting, a Neolithic arrow, a weaving, a mosaic or an Andalusian tile, to name a few examples.

During the week, Arqueopinto mainly welcomes school groups from Pinto, from all over the Community of Madrid and also from surrounding communities, who come to our town in search of the quality of our school program. However, group visits are aimed at all types of associations, groups, occupational centers and groups wishing to carry out cultural leisure activities.

Since its inauguration in 2001, the social, cultural and leisure dimension of Arqueopinto has been growing exponentially, until it has become a reference in the didactics of Prehistory.


  • Remember: All visits are by appointment.
  • Location: Juan Carlos I Park.
  • Information and reservations:




It is a prehistoric park that is outdoors,

in the Juan Carlos Primero Park.

Prehistory is the oldest part of history.

It is a park with activities and visits for all ages.

We can see how our ancestors lived, from the first humans millions of years ago to the Visigoths,

who lived more than 1,000 years ago.

In the park we can see what the first humans were like,

what the huts and huts they lived in thousands of years ago were like,

or what a Roman house was like. or what a Roman house was like.

There are also workshops where we can make excavations,

cave paintings such as those of the caves or arrows.